The Cotswold Company

The Cotswold Company team have spent the past 16 years supplying the nation with country inspired furniture made from Mother Nature’s finest materials. When it comes to wooden furniture we know our stuff and we take immense pride in our products and the service we provide.

We deliver stylish, solid furniture to our customer’s doorstep and make it as swift, easy and enjoyable for them as it can possibly be! We offer free delivery as standard and if you’re in a hurry we can deliver next day. We ensure we’re always packed to the rafters with a huge variety of storage solutions and accessories to suit both traditional and contemporary living, all with country life at its heart.

Our products are sustainable and as well as being beautiful, will last for generations to come. Our Customer Service team are wonderful, they are knowledgeable about the product and have a ‘bend over backwards’ approach to helping customers and resolving any issues.

Honesty is at our core, we are a fair, trustworthy company that intend to offer quality and style for minimal cost and effort to our customers. If these values are ever compromised it is our mission to rectify this as swiftly as we can. If our customers trust us, we know we’re doing the right thing.

The following are Geographic Alternative phone numbers available for The Cotswold Company:


0844 984 0003 = 01603 697948


0844 984 0444  = Not found alternative number.



The Cotswold Company Ltd
2nd Floor
Rouen House
Rouen Road


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