Neff appliances are designed to change the way you use your kitchen. The innovative features are there to help you be at your best, whether you’re a busy kitchen-mum who’s always on the go, a budding Celebrity Chef in the making, or a dinner party host with the most. Your Neff appliances will work hard, so you can make it look easy.

The kitchen is the heart of every home. A place to meet and eat, and to get creative. At Neff we do everything we can to create an extensive range of quality kitchen appliances for you.

Our appliances make life in the kitchen a daily pleasure; anticipate all your needs and desires; marry innovation and design, style and versatility. Whatever you’re doing in the kitchen, you’ll find the perfect partner in your neff appliance.

The following are Geographic Alternative phone numbers available for Neff:


0844 892 8989 = 01536 431000

00 353 1450 2655 (Republic of Ireland)

Opening hours: Lines open 24 hours.


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