His Master’s Voice. HMV is a leading specialist retailer of music, film, games and technology products, with over 140 stores around the UK, offering a wide selection of new release and catalogue titles.

The hmv brand, made famous by the iconic image of the ‘dog and trumpet’ trademark featuring ‘Nipper, is practically synonymous with the very history and development of British popular music and culture.

Hmv’s rich heritage as a retail specialist stretches back over 90 years to 20th July 1921 when its first store in London’s Oxford Street was officially opened by the celebrated British composer and conductor, Sir Edward Elgar.

Since that time hmv has made music and entertainment available to its customers in every format imaginable: from sheet music and the earliest gramophone 78s to today’s digital downloads. On the way hmv has, of course, notably also taken in vinyl singles and albums, cassettes and CDs as well as film and TV content on VHS, DVD & Blu-ray and games titles across all platforms.

More recently still hmv has gone ‘back to the future’ by carrying the latest portable technology such as headphones and tablets.

The following are Geographic Alternative phone numbers available for HMV:


0845 901 1122 = 020 7467 1109 / 020 7432 2222


020 7432 2000


0845 603 8576 = 020 8495 4434 / 020 74671109


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