Financial Conduct Authority

We regulate the financial services industry in the UK. Our aim is to protect consumers, ensure our industry remains stable and promote healthy competition between financial services providers. We have rule-making, investigative and enforcement powers that we use to protect and regulate the financial services industry. We are fair and principled in our approach to regulation.

Read this section to find out how we regulate financial services providers and what we do to protect consumers. Find out what we do to reduce financial crime and what action we take when a firm acts unethically or disregards consumer interests.

We want consumers to have access to financial services products that meet their needs, from firms they can trust. We also want to promote effective competition in the financial services industry and regulate firms to make sure they’re giving consumers a fair deal.

Our overall aims are that markets and financial systems are sound, stable and resilient, with clear pricing information that consumers can easily understand.

The creation of the FCA has given us an opportunity to regulate the financial services industry more efficiently.

The following are Geographic Alternative phone numbers available for Financial Conduct Authority:



0800 111 6768 = Free form landlines

From abroad: +44 20 7066 1000


0845 606 9966 = 020 7066 1000

From abroad: +44 20 7066 1000


25 The North Colonnade, Canary Wharf, London E14 5HS

020 7066 1000

From abroad: +44 20 7066 1000


020 7066 9870

From abroad: +44 20 7066 9870


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