Corporate Support Solutions

Corporate Support Solutions and its team of underwriters offer the client a unique service that goes beyond existing service provisions.

We are focussed on providing insurance backed solutions which are supported by our nationwide repair and administration services. All processes are accountable to and auditable by the Client with agreed standards and fixed price charges. Its modular nature ensures the service provision is flexible and expandable and can be adapted readily to meet the Client’s working methods.

The call centre, back office function and sales team are dedicated to providing timely and quality communication between all parties; this forms the core element of the service we offer.

End customers are given clear and concise information on the solution to their situation with due regard to the nature and severity of their problem and their wishes.

They will know ‘what happens next’ and have a central point of contact should events change during their breakdown. The service has been developed to satisfy the demands of our clients and ensure that they receive:

A one stop shop to support the Client and their business development. Full control over all costs. Access to an approved network of repairers. A high level of customer satisfaction.

The following are Geographic Alternative phone numbers available for Corporate Support Solutions:


0870 787 1089 = 0191 387 0950


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