Collectica Limited is a professional debt recovery and fine enforcement firm operating nationally. We provide a service based approach to debt collection that provides both an equitable and transparent recovery process to our clients and debtors alike.

Our tailored approach uses the latest technology and industry best practice methodology to ensure a responsive approach for each debtor. Collectica only operate on behalf of public sector and government agencies; therefore the debts and fines that we collect are returned to the public purse, for the public good.

Collectica is a specialist debt recovery and enforcement agency working on behalf of public sector and Government clients. Collectica is committed to providing an equitable service in the collection of financial penalties imposed by Crown and Magistrates courts and other public agencies. We utilise a tailored, consultative approach to ensure that every debtor profile can be catered for in a considerate manner.

Talk to us in confidence. Collectica’s staff provide a professional and understanding service that will enable the debtor to service the debt whilst taking full consideration of their financial circumstances and current situation. We deal with every case in the strictest confidence and actively encourage debtors to discuss their case with us to find a mutually acceptable arrangement.


The following are Geographic Alternative phone numbers available for Collectica:

CUSTOMER SUPPORT / debt payment queries

0844 800 4588 = 01325 383876

0870 609 1554 = 01325 383876


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