At Amazon, we believe that innovation has the power to change the world. As we strive to become Earth’s most customer-centric company we constantly look for new ways to innovate on behalf of our different customers:

individuals who shop our global websites, merchants who sell on our platform, developers who use our infrastructure to create their businesses, and creators of the books, music, and films we sell through our websites. We believe that our greatest contribution to the good of society comes directly from these core business activities.

At Amazon, we’re constantly looking for ways to further reduce our environmental impact.

Online shopping is inherently more environmentally friendly than traditional retailing. The efficiencies of online shopping result in a greener shopping experience than traditional retailing. This study explains some of the benefits of the online shopping model.

Amazon Frustration-Free Packaging is a multi-year initiative designed to make it easier for customers to liberate products from their packages. Frustration-Free Packaging is easy-to-open, 100% recyclable and products ship in their own packages without additional shipping boxes — it eliminates hard plastic “clamshell” cases and those annoying plastic-coated wire ties commonly used in toy packaging.

The following are Geographic Alternative phone numbers available for Amazon:


0800 496 1081 = Free from landlines

International customers: +44 (0) 207 084 7911


0800 496 2449 = Free from landlines

International Kindle: +44 (0)203 356 6212


0845 850 7617 =   0131 549 8050 / 029 2044 6001

0800 917 7617 = Free from landlines

* HBOS Card services/Lost & Stolen/Account Enquires



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