Allders Opticians

Allders Opticians has been in business since 1905 when the founder, Percy Allder, took up retail premises in Luton and opened as an Optician and Jeweller. In the late 1920s the jewellery side of the business was sold and a second practice in Luton was set up. Mr Allder retained his interest in the company until the late 1950s.

The group recently became part of the Rodenstock group, one of the global leaders in premium quality lens and frame manufacturing. The current portfolio of 11 branches is spread throughout the Bedfordshire, Hertfordshire and Cambridgeshire areas, with the administrative offices in Northfleet, Kent. With a programme of refits being rolled out across the group, Allders Opticians are truly combining heritage and modernity.

At Allders Opticians we have a fundamental commitment to our patients – to offer the very best in eyecare. This starts with your initial contact to arrange an appointment, through the all-important eye examination, to offering you help with the sometimes difficult task of choosing the right pair of spectacles or contact lenses.

We care that all our patients receive the highest quality examination, carried out by a team committed to helping you with all aspects of eyecare. We constantly monitor our prices to offer you services and products that are always competitive and value for money. We regularly look at new frames and contact lenses to offer the most up-to-date and stylish functional products.

The following are Geographic Alternative phone numbers available for Allders Opticians:


0779 546 8049 = Not found alternative number.



Unit U, Springhead Road
Allders Opticians
Northfleet, Kent
DA11 8HJ


Ampthill Allders Opticians: 01525 403 647
Barton Allders Opticians: 01582 881 478
Biggleswade: 01767 313 258

Dunstable: 01582 664 815
Flitwick: 01525 712 864
Harpenden: 01582 767 524

Leighton Buzzard: 01525 374 191
Letchworth: 01462 673 216
Luton: 01582 732 265

Sandy: 01767 680 675
St Neots: 01480 477 479


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