Acdoco distrubutes a number of different brands within the UK. These include: Dr. Beckmann, Blanx, Biorepair, Bionsen, Alpecin, Rumours, Acdo. Started in 1919 and in its 3rd eneration of family ownership, Acdoco exclusively markets, sells and distributes laundry and personal care products to both national and independant UK retailers.

Life had not been easy for Harry Pilling, born in Bolton in 1903. The carefree days of childhood were cut short by the premature death of his father when the boy was only twelve and it soon dawned on Harry, an only child, that he would have to adopt the mantle of breadwinner, and as soon as possible.

So, on his 16th birthday Harry started his own import/export business in 1919, The Astley Dye & Chemical Company in Astley Bridge, Bolton. And the ACDO company was born.

The following are Geographic Alternative phone numbers available for Acdoco:


0845 0178 000 = 01204 600500


0845 0178 001 = Not found alternative number.



ACDOCO Limited, Imperial Works,

Mallison St,
Bolton, Lancashire, England, BL1 8PP.


ACDOCO Ltd. Kelly Street, Off New Wellington Street,
Mill Hill, Blackburn, Lancs, BB2 4PJ


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