ABTEC Communications

Abtec Communications is a fast growing, forward thinking, dynamic communications provider supplying a wide range of products and services including telephone systems, calls and lines, broadband, mobiles, VoIP and consultancy.

Anthony started in Telecoms at the age of 17, straight after leaving college. He joined the service department of a Telecoms company, working his way up to the position of Assistant Manager within just 12 months. He then decided that, in addition to knowing how the service department ran, he wanted to learn what the engineers did. He approached his manager and was told that if he took a pay cut, he could go out with the engineers!

He decided that it was still something he wanted to do and within 3 months was installing systems in large companies and county councils. He moved into Sales later on which, he felt, completed his knowledge of the whole process.

He moved to another telecoms company where he really mastered engineering, at a time when the company was contracting to the industry. Anthony began to receive calls directly from companies asking for him specifically and made the decision to branch out on his own.

The following are Geographic Alternative phone numbers available for ABTEC Communications:


0870 777 7030 = 01825 767 967


95 – 99 High Street,Uckfield,
East Sussex TN22 1RJ


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